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Personal Effectiveness

These workshops focus on increasing the client’s impact through understanding his or her own behavioural style and that of others to ensure effective communication.

Leadership Skills

Julia runs workshops on Leadership lasting from short courses to year-long programmes supporting people in new roles. Courses are designed in collaboration with the client using the resources of Julia Drum Associates to cover specific topics. Individual coaching is an integral part of this programme.

Team Working

Through these workshops individuals gain insight into their roles, understand the dynamics of team working and develop the flexibility to ensure the team functions effectively.   Programmes are designed to suit the client’s needs. For other approaches to team building see:

Interview Skills (Interviewee)

The aim of these workshops is to help candidates to identify their skills, provide examples and communicate their relevant experience in the interview setting. Julia introduces useful structures to follow and provides opportunities to rehearse and develop the skills needed for interviews.

Selection Interviewing Skills (Interviewer)

Workshops address the difficulties Interviewers may have in being objective and identifying pitfalls when conducting interviews. Skills practice provides opportunities to rehearse techniques, which will help manage issues occurring in interviews. 

Performance & Development Review Training

These workshops address the difficulties some managers have in providing appropriate feedback. Julia works in partnership with companies’ own Performance Review structures in order to train staff in giving feedback and in teasing out development needs.

Train The Trainer

As part of internal development programmes many companies nurture the facilitation and training skills of their staff. These workshops introduce theories of learning as well as offering practical opportunities to develop confident and flexible training styles appropriate to the delegates’ needs.

Career Development

During times of organisational change these workshops help delegates understand the transition process, identify their skills and strengths, prepare winning CVs and application forms, anticipate questions and structure their interview answers; all within the context of keeping self-esteem high.

For more information, please e-mail Julia Drum specifying how she can support your training, coaching and supervision needs.