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Through a confidential, collaborative and stimulating learning environment, Julia Drum’s coaching sessions are designed:
  • To develop clients’ potential
  • To enable clients to identify, prioritise and achieve specific goals 
  • To accommodate different learning styles and perspectives
  • To facilitate practical solutions transferable to the work place
  • To provide a safe environment for rehearsing new behaviour
  • To motivate personal change and independence
  • To respond to client development by challenge and support
  • To use an integrated approach using models and tools appropriate to client needs
  • To use the past to inform both the present and the future
  • To identify when the input of other professionals would be beneficial to the client
  • To respect and work with cultural and other diversity issues

Coaching Sessions

Julia’s coaching sessions are usually:

  • 1:1
  • 2 hours for the initial session
  • 1 – 1½ for subsequent sessions
  • conducted at the client’s place of work

Coaching Supervision

Julia can provide coaching supervision and has experience supervising small groups and individuals.

Coaching and Mentoring Network

Tel: +44 (0) 870 733 3313 www.coachingnetwork.org.uk

Julia is registered with the Coaching and Mentoring Network, which provides a service both for people who provide coaching or mentoring services and for those seeking them. It aims to de-mystify coaching and mentoring services and make them more accessible for people in both the business and broader communities.

Media Coaching

Drawing on her background in broadcasting (BBC and Singapore Television) Julia has successfully prepared people to cope with the challenge of being interviewed on television, radio and by the press.

In addition, she welcomes approaches from Chairmen, Chief Executives, Directors and Company Secretaries anticipating hostile general and public meetings. She also works with companies to help develop their Risk Management strategy.

Coaching sessions range from half- to full-day.

Presentation Skills Coaching

Either as part of a coaching programme or as a specific requirement, Julia offers Presentation Skills Coaching appropriate for senior personnel who need to develop powerful and effective presentations. Additionally, many interviewees are required to give a presentation as part of the recruitment process and Julia has successfully coached such people towards winning new positions.

Team Coaching

Julia has experience in coaching small groups of people. This has often included introducing them to coaching techniques for use with their employees and providing follow-up supervision.

For more information, please e-mail Julia Drum specifying how she can support your training, coaching and supervision needs.