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Coaching Client Feedback

"Julia’s collaborative, non-judgmental and solution-focused approach supports different learning styles…

Julia uses a variety of techniques together with intuitive questioning to draw out development needs as well as personal and organisational issues. She then works through scenarios and rehearses strategies which offer practical, effective solutions. Individuals come away with a flexible toolkit enabling them to improve their performance and achieve their goals.

Working with Julia is always an enjoyable, stimulating and inspirational experience and I would recommend her without hesitation.”

(Company Secretary of a FTSE 250 company)


“The coaching I received from Julia Drum was to raise my performance and deal with specific issues…

The coaching without question resulted in a huge shift in my personal and professional development…I am now a CEO with a different organisation.

Julia Drum brings to her coaching a wealth of experience from many different areas which she has attained during her 12 years of coaching. Julia demonstrates excellent listening skills; she is perceptive and challenging but always in a supportive context. Julia is non-judgmental and inspiring while also being grounded in the reality of the real world. Julia Drum is able to call on a variety of techniques and models so that she can find what best works for her pupil/client.

The coaching experience with Julia Drum resulted quite literally in significant and immensely satisfying life changes. I consider myself to have been most fortunate to benefit from her skills and natural talent for coaching.”

(CEO of an international charity)


“The personal development and mentoring support I received enabled me to obtain 4 interviews out of 4 applications and to successfully obtain a senior promotion to a top executive position from my previous middle management role….The support she gives to clients enables them to build their self-confidence and to realise their full potential.”

(University Pro Rector)


“I am not usually a great fan of the happy sheets offered at the end of training events but, on this occasion, I felt that what I learned from our session, not just in terms of content but also, and of wider interest, in terms of process, was important enough to report back an evaluation to you …. 

I have never before been privileged to have a whole two hour session devoted to my own specific needs. For me it worked extraordinarily well. In fact I think it was the best training session I have ever experienced.


* It was both enjoyable and focused. You stuck very closely to the brief that I had provided and we spent the whole time in relevant discussion.
* Two hours is the extreme limit of my attention span on any single training matter.
* Your coaching style was to question, explore and provoke, but also to be prepared to suggest examples and strategies. 

It was good value for money”

(College Vice Principal)

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